timeVis: Emergence of Wolves and Sheep.

There are some social networks that are invite only. Starting from an imaginary root node, the invitations form an organically growing tree, as the network grows.

It is interesting to analyse the social interaction depending on the gender of the person. A blue dot denotes a male person, whereas a red dot denotes a female.
The edges are also colored depending on the invitor's and invitee's gender. 
  • female invites another female, we have a red edge.
  • male invites another male, we have a blue edge.
  • male invites female, we have a green edge.
  • female invites male, we have a yellow edge.
Once the applet is finished loading all the nodes, look carefully and you can notice certain patterns. First, persons who invited only same gender, or only opposite gender can be noticed. For instance a red dot with a lot of yellow edges probably represents an attractive outspoken female.

Some other areas that can be looked into is the blue nodes with red parents, are less likely to have red siblings. Similarly blue dots with green edges will have minimal number of blue edges. In other words, the people who invite opposite gender is less likely to invite an equal gender into the network.

You can adjust the speed that nodes are added using the slider. The pause button will pause the applet for manual explorations, and the autofit button will scale the visualization to the applet window. You can also pan, zoom and drag items using the mouse.

Zoom: right click and move the mouse vertically.
Pan: left click and move the mouse.
Drag: click on an item and move.

Please note that you will need a fast computer and a good graphic card.

If you have comments, please send them to me, so I can post them here.

Here is netoskop, an earlier data visualization project.
By Can Altineller <altineller_at_gmail_dot_com>
with help from Ozgur Oktay <ozguroktay_at_yahoo_dot_com> and Carl Harroch <charroch_at_gmail.com>

Built with Prefuse.